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4G and 5G Native Cloud Telecommunication Applications on Rancher & Kubernetes

Hello Team,

I have been using Rancher-Kubernetes as the Infrastructure to install the Telecommunication Applications on to it. The result is quite good: Rancher & Kubernetes help to install/ manage/ monitor/ orchestrate my LTE EPC/ 5G 5GC CNF and the eNB-UE quite comfortably.

I installed the Open5GS: 4G EPC Packet Core and 5GC CNF Apps on to my Kubernetes Cluster via Rancher’s
Then I installed SRS-LTE eNB-UE on to the same Kubernetes Cluster
I got the eNB-UE established connection with EPC then Internet
Rancher could also help with other essential operational tasks via its tools/ functionalities: Dashboard, Performance Monitoring and Logging and ++
I recorded some of the results in the Youtube link below:
Please join me if you are intested in Rancher and Telecommunication Native Cloud Apps (CNF) on Rancher + Kubernetes

It’s quite fun !!!

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