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Drones to code by

Some people find "drones" or "soundscapes" useful for working, I do.

About 4 years ago I embarked on a little project, creating 14 hours of drones and releasing it on a limited edition hand customised mp3 player go listen here

After that I spent nearly a year releasing new drones each month. I stopped this project as things got in the way.

Then recently, I discovered the work of an artist who had put together something I wanted to do - so instead of re-inventing things, I asked them to put their project up on the domain as a release for my little label. It's essentially a web interface to enable you to build up your own drones, and be able to download them. Some examples can be found here

You'll either love this, or hate it.

If you're into drones, into background "sounds" for productivity - then go have a listen.

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