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Thanks for sharing a photo! I love the keyboard, although the position of the arrow keys is a bit... unusual 😅


It inspired my current custom mechanical keyboard.

Take a look

Beautiful! 😍
What kind of switches do you use for your keys? Cherry MX?

that's right - went for Cherry MX Brown . Got the keyboard from WASD.

Very nice! I have the brown switches too (best typing feeling so far), but my keyboard is just black without those awesome colors. Thanks again for sharing!


Love the built in tape drive. Didn't know you needed to power it off a microwave though :-)


Mine was a "Schneider CPC 464", i think the same as the "Amstrad". Bought it together with my brother, started to program "basic" ;-)


Yes, it's the same machine :) I loved that computer, I still have one up in the loft (no monitor though). I'm tempted to get it up and running again for the kids :)

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