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Companies that adhered to InnerSource (and what it means)

Several well-known companies have adopted InnerSource practices to enhance collaboration, improve code quality, and drive innovation within their organizations. Some of these include:

PayPal: PayPal is often highlighted as a success story in the InnerSource community. They adopted InnerSource to improve efficiency and collaboration across their many development teams.

Bloomberg: Bloomberg has leveraged InnerSource practices to encourage collaboration and innovation, allowing their teams to share code and expertise more effectively.

Bosch: Bosch uses InnerSource to enhance collaboration across its diverse and globally distributed software teams, aiming to break down silos and encourage a more unified approach to development.

SAP: SAP has implemented InnerSource practices to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among its vast network of developers, thereby speeding up the development process and enhancing product quality.

Microsoft: Microsoft has also incorporated InnerSource principles in certain areas, using it to encourage open collaboration and sharing best practices among different teams.

Cisco: Cisco has adopted InnerSource to improve collaboration and innovation within their development teams, recognizing the benefits of open source culture within a corporate environment.

Ericsson: Ericsson uses InnerSource to break down barriers between teams, encouraging a more collaborative and innovative approach to software development.

IBM: IBM has embraced InnerSource for various projects, fostering an environment where developers from different teams can contribute and collaborate.

Intuit: Intuit has utilized InnerSource practices to bring down silos and foster a more collaborative culture in its software development processes.

Capital One: Capital One has integrated InnerSource practices to improve collaboration and efficiency in its software development efforts.

These companies have recognized that adopting open source principles internally can lead to more efficient, innovative, and collaborative software development practices, even in a corporate setting.

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

Well not surprising, just makes sense from a pure capitalistic point of view, no drawback.