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A better way to communicate with business teams

TL;DR: Developers traditionally use libraries as foundational tools. However, to effectively communicate with business teams, plugins and admin panels are becoming essential. They simplify technical details, making software more understandable for non-developers. We're developing plugins and admin panels for React to further enhance this bridge. Support us on GitHub.

Libraries: A developer's core

For developers, libraries are essential. They're our building blocks, offering routines and functions we rely on. They're our language, enabling us to craft intricate applications with precision.

The business interface: Plugins & admin panels

But when talking to business teams, that language can sometimes feel too technical. That's where plugins and admin panels come into play:

  • Plugins: These are our translators. They're modular, easily showcasing how software can be tailored or enhanced for specific business needs.

  • Admin Panels: These are our visual aids. They give a clear view of what software does, presenting data and operations in a way that's easily digestible for non-developers.

Why it matters

While we, as developers, immerse ourselves in libraries, business teams need clarity and adaptability. Plugins and admin panels break down the complexities of our code into something tangible and understandable. It’s a way of ensuring our technical solutions align with business objectives.

Wrapping up

Platforms like serve as hubs for sharing knowledge between developers. As we navigate the evolving landscape of technology, it’s essential to find effective ways to bridge the gap between our technical world and the business realm. While libraries remain our bedrock, the emerging paradigm emphasizes plugins and admin panels as tools to facilitate this communication.

Building for the future: React plugins and admin panels

We're currently laying the groundwork to introduce plugins and admin panels specifically for React. Our aim is to make the communication between developers and businesses even more seamless. If this resonates with you, we'd appreciate your support. Check out our project on GitHub and give us a star if you find it valuable: webcrumbs-community/webcrumbs.

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