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18 React Boilerplates to QuickStart Your Project

1. Add Plugins to React (đź«´Supported)

Description: Integrates plugins for extending websites functionalities.
Use Case: Projects that need a quick time-to-market or demand frequent changes.
Features: Easy plugin integration.
GitHub Repo: WebCrumbs React Integration Boilerplate

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2. React with Redux Boilerplate

Description: Integrates Redux for advanced state management, beneficial for large-scale applications where state management becomes complex.
Use Case: Complex state management in large-scale applications.
Features: Redux, React-Redux, Redux-Thunk.
GitHub Repo: React Redux Boilerplate

3. React Router Boilerplate

Description: Includes React Router for navigating between different views in a single-page application.
Use Case: Single-page applications requiring multiple views.
Features: React Router.
GitHub Repo: React Router Boilerplate

4. React with TypeScript Boilerplate

Description: Combines React with TypeScript to leverage the power of type safety in your application.
Use Case: Projects that benefit from strong type-checking and robustness.
Features: TypeScript, ts-loader.
GitHub Repo: React TypeScript Boilerplate

5. React and Material-UI Boilerplate

Description: Incorporates Material-UI to provide a set of ready-to-use, high-quality components, adhering to Google's Material Design.
Use Case: Projects looking to implement Material Design quickly and efficiently.
Features: Material-UI.
GitHub Repo: React Material-UI Boilerplate

6. Server-Side Rendered React (SSR) Boilerplate

Description: Essential for building SEO-friendly, server-side rendered React applications.
Use Case: SEO-friendly web applications, improved load times.
Features: Node.js server, Express.
GitHub Repo: React SSR Boilerplate

7. React with GraphQL Boilerplate

Description: Ideal for projects that require managing complex data with GraphQL.
Use Case: Applications with complex data structures and requirements.
Features: Apollo Client, GraphQL.
GitHub Repo: React GraphQL Boilerplate

8. Full-Stack React Boilerplate

Description: A comprehensive setup for developers looking to handle both frontend and backend with React.
Use Case: Full-stack development, handling both client and server sides.
Features: Node.js, Express, MongoDB.
GitHub Repo: Full-Stack React Boilerplate

9. React Native Boilerplate

Description: Streamlines the development of cross-platform mobile applications using React Native.
Use Case: Building native mobile applications for both iOS and Android.
Features: React Native, React Navigation.
GitHub Repo: React Native Boilerplate

10. Electron with React Boilerplate

Description: Facilitates the development of desktop applications using Electron and React.
Use Case: Cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies.
Features: Electron, Electron Builder.
GitHub Repo: Electron React Boilerplate

11. React with Next.js Boilerplate

Description: Leverages Next.js for server-side rendering, static site generation, and more in React applications.
Use Case: Production-ready, SEO-friendly, and high-performance web applications.
Features: Next.js.
GitHub Repo: Next.js React Boilerplate

12. React with Tailwind CSS Boilerplate

Description: Integrates Tailwind CSS for a utility-first approach to styling in React applications.
Use Case: Projects requiring fast-paced, utility-first CSS styling.
Features: Tailwind CSS.
GitHub Repo: Tailwind CSS React Boilerplate

13. React Testing Boilerplate

Description: A go-to setup for implementing robust testing strategies in React applications.
Use Case: Ensuring code quality and reliability through comprehensive testing.
Features: Jest, React Testing Library.
GitHub Repo: React Testing Library

14. React with Docker Boilerplate

Description: Provides a Docker setup for React applications, aiding in consistent deployment and scaling.
Use Case: Containerized deployment and development environments.
Features: Dockerfile, docker-compose.
GitHub Repo: React Docker Boilerplate

15. React Microfrontend Boilerplate

Description: Tailored for developing microfrontends, allowing for a more modular and scalable approach to building front-end architecture.
Use Case: Large-scale applications requiring decoupled front-ends.
Features: Module Federation.
GitHub Repo: Micro Frontend React Boilerplate

16. React with Webpack Boilerplate

Description: Customizable Webpack setup for advanced control over the build process in React applications.
Use Case: Custom build processes, optimization, and advanced control over application bundling.
Features: Webpack, Babel.
GitHub Repo: React Webpack Boilerplate

17. Gatsby React Boilerplate

Description: Optimizes the development of static sites using Gatsby with React.
Use Case: Static blogs, documentation sites, and high-performance websites.
Features: Gatsby.
GitHub Repo: Gatsby Starter

18. React with MobX Boilerplate

Description: Incorporates MobX for a more straightforward and less boilerplate approach to state management in React.
Use Case: Simpler and more scalable state management.
Features: MobX.
GitHub Repo: MobX React Boilerplate

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