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OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta: The Premier Open Source DocuSign Alternative Just Got Better!

The OpenSign™ community is in for a treat today! With immense pride, we announce to you the release of OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta, a beacon in the realm of open source DocuSign alternatives. This latest version is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing you with a robust, intuitive & open-source solution for digital document signing. Let's delve deep into the enrichments that OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta brings to your document signing experience.

Enhanced Open Source Document Creation and Management

*Revolutionizing Document Setup with Templates

Embrace the power of open source with OpenSign™'s new template feature. This innovative addition allows you to swiftly create and send documents using pre-saved templates. It's a substantial time-saver, especially for those who regularly deal with similar document types, solidifying OpenSign™'s position as a leading open source alternative to DocuSign.

*Streamlined Signature Customization

OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta introduces a transformative approach to signature placement & customization. The ability to replicate signature placeholders across all document pages is a major leap forward, particularly for extensive documents whereby a lot of time is saved for the user. Coupled with the flexibility to input signatures in various text formats and fonts, this feature greatly enriches the open source document signing experience.

*Enhanced User Interface for Effortless Interaction

In our quest to offer the best open source DocuSign alternative, we've upgraded the user interface for managing signature placeholders. The intuitive design and improved resizing functionality make interacting with placeholders smoother, reinforcing OpenSign™ as the go-to solution for open source document signing needs.

Optimizing Document Handling in the Open Source Sphere
Streamlined Document Organization via OpenSign™ Drive

Managing your documents is now more efficient than ever with OpenSign™. The newly incorporated features for deleting and moving documents within the OpenSign™ drive make organization a breeze. It’s a clear demonstration of how OpenSign™ excels as an open source DocuSign alternative in facilitating document management.

User Experience Enhancements

*Consistent Placeholder Experience Across Devices

The cross-platform compatibility for placeholder positions in OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta ensures a uniform experience on both mobile as well as desktop devices. This enhancement cements OpenSign™'s status as a leading open source alternative to DocuSign, offering flexibility and convenience to its users.

*User Support Customization

We're elevating user support in the open source digital signing world with customizable help guides and direct email links for easy communication with the OpenSign™ team. These improvements are tailored to enhance user satisfaction and support, crucial aspects of any open source DocuSign alternative.

*Key Bug Fixes and Improvements

We've also tackled various bugs and fine-tuned the platform to enhance its performance and reliability. These refinements include solving placeholder block issues, recipient validation errors and mobile view improvements including others. Each of this fix is a step towards making OpenSign™ the most reliable and user-friendly open source DocuSign alternative available out there.

Your Role in Shaping the Future of Open Source Document Signing
Your feedback is the driving force behind our continuous enhancement of OpenSign™ and we thank you all for that. We invite you to sign-up and explore the new features of v1.1.0-beta. Your experiences and suggestions are vital in shaping the future of OpenSign™, as we aspire to be the leading open source DocuSign alternative, accessible and efficient for everyone.

Stay connected for more updates and insights into leveraging OpenSign™ for your digital document needs, all for free.

Quick Recap of What's New in OpenSign™ v1.1.0-beta:

  • Streamlined Document Generation with Templates
  • Enhanced Signature Management
  • Improved User Interface and Experience
  • Efficient Document Management
  • User Assistance and Communication
  • Comprehensive Bug Fixes and Refinements
  • OpenSign™ is not just an alternative to DocuSign; it's a revolution in open source document signing, constantly evolving to meet and exceed user expectations

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