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bdougieyo profile image Brian Douglas ・2 min read

Open Sauced is a project with the lofty goal making open-source more accessible to new contributors, so when I learned how ExpressJS was onboarding new contributors with their new Triage team, I got very excited. The idea of having a triage or bug role is not new, but it is the first time I came across an open-source project approaching new contributor onboarding in this manner.

The only requirements for joining the Triage team is accepting the terms and having the interest to learn.

I love this! And I had to follow this pattern with our project, so I am happy to announce the Open Sauced now has a Triage team too.


If you are interested in getting into open-source for the first time or already a seasoned contributor, I encourage you to mention your interest in this GitHub Discussion. This team has already provided valuable insight and product feedback and instrumental to making our goal of accessible open-source onboarding real.

The only requirement for triage team members joining the team is creating an account on the opensauced.pizza account; this requirement is needed for identifying and triaging bugs (be sure to create a goals repo too). Once you have signed up, please take a look at the Triage Guide and mention you have an interest by dropping a reply in this discussion.

Remember all feedback is valid. We look forward to you joining the team. Stay saucy!

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Open Sauced

Open Sauced provides guidance onboarding for new contributors. Our approach towards open-source onboarding offers a way to track contributions through GitHub GraphQL API powered dashboard.


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Cool. I've expressed my interest on the Github thread


Awesome invite has been sent.


You must really like Pizza.


are there people that don't?


We don't talk about them. They are weird