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How to: Troubleshoot Minion Connectivity and Functions

The OpenNMS Minion includes useful, built-in commands to verify configuration and debug access to management agents.

In this Discourse article, Ronny Trommer, Community/Product Manager at The OpenNMS Group, shows how to test connectivity with the Minion, perform a health check, execute a remote ping to arbitrary FQDNs or IP addresses, execute remote DNS lookups, run SNMP commands from the core OpenNMS instance to a device behind a Minion in a remote network, and run a monitor through a Minion.

More information:

A Minion is a lightweight stateless service that lets OpenNMS communicate with devices and services in hard-to-reach locations. Minions are best suited for deployment at remote locations that the core OpenNMS server may not have direct access to. For more information on Minion, see the whitepaper and data sheet on the OpenNMS Resources web page.

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