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Elixir intellisense stop working

Recently, VSCode intellisense feature for elixir has stopped working on my Mac. Code autocomplete, go to definition, function description... are all failed. My colleagues encounter the same problem.
After researching, I found the root cause is ElixirLS has crashed from launching.
ElixirLS crash
I tried to disable ElixirLS, close the editor, open the editor again and enable ElixirLS but no luck. I also tried to reinstall ElixirLS but nothing changes.
So I went to ElixirLS Github homepage, move to Troubleshooting region and I found the solution:

  1. Remove .elixir_ls folder in project folder:

    rm -rf .elixir_ls/ 
  2. Close VSCode.

  3. Open project in VSCode again, wait for ElixirLS run.


  4. And voila!

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