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I'm launching Menu Launcher - Declutter status bar, dock and desktop

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Hi, I'm thrilled to announce Menu Launcher that I've been developed and used for a long time. Being a macOS user, I constantly try to find ways to stay productive, and those cluttered desktop and menu bar always bother me. Having many icons in the dock make me sometimes accidentally open unwanted apps. There are also some files, folder and apps that I want to open from time to time, that are ofteeen hard to remember with Cmd+Space.

I like the convenience of menu bar, and with all status icons, dock app and file/folders in one place, we can manage and launch them any time with just a click.

Menu Launcher is a convenient macOS menu bar application that allows launching any file, folder and apps from a single place. Get rid of cluttered desktop, dock and system status menu bar. With Menu Launcher, you have easy access and can customize what you want to show and open.

🚀Detect and show all available items on system status menu bar

🔥You can drag anything, from file, folder, app and they will be available under file section

👍Convenient scrolling with helpful guide section beneath

💪 You can enable Accessibility to enable activating status menu icons

☂️ Make a patch over system status icons

🗳Persist your favorite apps and folders

⛱Instruction to open Login Items where you have control over whether you want Menu Launcher to be open at login

🌂Right click on app icon to remove

Hope you find it useful and help spread the words

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Ian bradbury

Shame there isn't a spam marker for posts