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onmyway133 profile image Khoa Pham ・1 min read

It's been a while since I wrote Hello world, again, the ease of GitHub issue indeed motivates me to write more.

In the mean time I also wrote on https://medium.com/@onmyway133 and https://dev.to/onmyway133 and got some traction.

Then I started using GitHub pages again, with Jekyll and remote theme, it works great. But then I needed to manually link the GitHub issues to my page, that's just labor work.

The best combo is to have a GitHub page backed by GitHub issue. After a bit comparison between different static site generators, I actually tried them all, I chose Hexo because I simply like Javascript

I use the simple cactus theme for now with local searched power by https://www.npmjs.com/package/hexo-generator-search.

Then I wrote a node.js script to mirror my GitHub issue to my page, with correct tags and updated date.

If you by any chance visit my new page https://onmyway133.github.io/, ohayou from me 👋


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