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Why Should You Start a Blog?

Books and articles provide information, work gives experience, and a blog helps to comprehend all this. It will assist you to hold in your head not 1%, but 3% of useful information. Three times more, by the way! The numbers are conditional, but they demonstrate the main principle. Also, a specialist with a blog will become more known in his field than a specialist without a blog.

Other blogging rules and benefits:

1. Blogging boosts your understanding of things. While you writing, you yourself will understand the topic better.

2. If you have to explain something for the third time, write a post and give a link to it. This will save time in the future.

3. Some posts will be useful to other people. These people will trust you more. Inside the company, this happens very quickly, changing attitudes and atmosphere. Especially important for distributed teams.

4. A professional blog is more important than any resume.

"Hire great writers. When choosing between several applicants for the same position, give preference to someone who is better at writing. It does not matter if this person is a marketer, seller, designer, programmer, or anyone else, his writing skills will pay off."

5. Being a good writer means more than being able to write. The ability to clearly state one's thoughts is a sign of a clear mind. Great writers can interact with other people. They make things more understandable. They can imagine themselves in the place of someone else. They know what can be neglected. And these are the qualities that you want to see in any candidate. "

6. A blog is a personal project. Blogging trains self-discipline and the skill of managing long projects.

7. A blog works as a thought book: it describes an idea --- it frees up space in the head for the next. You can not even publish. I have 97 drafts and I'm unlikely to publish most of them. This is normal.

The blog is well suited for exploring a new field of knowledge. Keep a blog as a diary, organize information. This will serve as proof that you are ready for real tasks in this area. "

If it made you curious, learn more about how to start a WordPress blog, which is the best blogging platform these days.

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