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Google launches Site Kit plugin for WordPress

Google announced Thursday that Site Kit is available globally for WordPress users.

What is Site Kit. Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that allows users to set up and configure Google services to get insights in their WordPress dashboards.

Users can see stats from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense all in one place.

Because it’s a plugin, it doesn’t require source code editing. Site owners can also assign roles and grant individual permissions

The company released Site Kit in developer preview earlier this year and says thousands of developers have installed it.

What does the dashboard offer? There is a main dashboard, shown above that provides a high-level view of significant changes and how users are finding your site.

Individual page reports show how specific content is performing.

You can also do things like enable PageSpeed Insights and Analytics in order to “see whether page load time affects bounce rate.”

Why we should care. The ability to see all of the metrics about your site performance that are captured across these various Google products in one with Site Kit will give WordPress users an out-of-the-box dashboard experience without the headache of pulling data from these disparate sources.

You can download the Site Kit plugin from the WordPress directory. Check it out for more information about Google Site Kit.

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