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Scrum, kanban, lean and many more make up the agile methodologies.

I have gone through waterfall methodology for more than 10 years and scrum for 2 years and I can personally say that scrum, or any agile methodology done right, can be empowering. The iterative nature of scrum helps us discover what the user really needs. In most cases, what the user say they need doesn't map to what they actually need. In waterfall, you can't proceed to coding without completing the design and the bigger the requirements, the longer it takes to complete the design phase.

Agile methodology allows the process to be changed to adapt to changing world. In typical waterfall, you can't.

Now, I mentioned I referred to agile done right. When I say done right, I refer to methodologies that follow by heart the agile manifesto. Some company claim to be agile but people are not empowered to change the process to improve the development. Agile thinks that the developer can organize themselves to best deliver the product.

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