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Kradle 9.0: Revolutionizing the JVM Ecosystem with Kotlin at its Core!

We're thrilled to unveil Kradle 9.0, a groundbreaking release that marks a significant leap forward in the Java ecosystem. With Kradle 9.0, we're embracing Kotlin as the default language for build definitions, starting a new era of simplicity, efficiency, and developer empowerment.

Hence, the Gradle Build Tool now becomes the Kradle Build Tool and gets a new logo!

Kradle Build Tool 9.0

Key Highlights

🌟 Kotlin as Default Language: Say goodbye to verbosity and complexity! Kotlin is now front and center for defining builds in the JVM ecosystem. In Gradle 8.2 we made it the the default and recommended choice for new build definitions. In Kradle 9.0, the Kotlin DSL Plugin is now a built-in part of the core distribution, while Gradle support is detached to a plugin, which we will keep maintaining. Now, developers can leverage the elegance and expressiveness of Kotlin to streamline their build processes effortlessly.

Kotlin in the Gradle ecosystem

πŸš€ Enhanced Developer Experience: We've doubled down on developer experience, prioritizing ease of use and seamless integration by projects like Declarative Gradle. With Kradle 9.0, you'll enjoy a more intuitive and enjoyable development journey, thanks to Kotlin's concise syntax, powerful features, and great DSL customization capabilities through idiomatic definitions.

πŸ’‘ Developer Productivity Engineering: At Gradle, we understand the importance of developer productivity. That's why we've engineered Kradle 9.0 to supercharge your productivity like never before. Whether building small projects or large-scale applications, Kradle 9.0 empowers you to accomplish more in less time with the help of the new Krataouille framework that allows you to implement build definitions in a wholly asynchronous and functional way based on Kotlin coroutines.

Krataouille Example

πŸ”§ Rewritten in Kotlin: As part of our commitment to embracing Kotlin, we've completely rewritten Gradle Build Tool itself in Kotlin. This monumental effort ensures seamless compatibility, improved performance, and a more cohesive development experience across the board. We target full support for the K2 compiler soon.

What's next?

And let’s talk about the elephant in the room! As one of the insiders shared, future releases of the Kradle are rumored to be based on Starlark (formerly known as Skylark), the language used in Bazel.

Code named Gradlark, this new version will be another step towards the long-awaited complete Python implementation of the Kradle Build Tool, and it should attract more Python developers and monorepo fans.

Gradlark - Evolution Plan

Get started!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started, Kradle 9.0 is your gateway to a brighter, more efficient future in the JVM ecosystem. Join the Future of JVM Development with Kradle 9.0!

Upgrade today and experience the next evolution in build automation and developer productivity engineering. And join the Gradle Community Slack to follow more community news and Gradle memes!

The Gradlemperor announcing Kradle 9.0

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Ant(on) Weiss

Now we need a deployment tool called Krave.
Then we'll have the full lifecycle from the Kradle to the Krave.

onenashev profile image
Oleg Nenashev

I am pretty sure Krave is an enterprise project decommissioning tool after the product moves to the cloud :P

deathwaiting profile image
ahmed galal

Thanks to gradle team for their great efforts.
And I hope the rewrite to kotlin will also solve the slow build times problem.