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Erika Wiedemann
Erika Wiedemann

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Nevertheless, Erika Coded

I stumbled into coding because...

I was originally in university for Mechanical Engineering. On the day we were filling out our program declarations, at the last second I switched into Software Engineering. I had no prior experience and had a terrible time with the C course but thoroughly enjoyed the problems I got to solve.

What stopped you before?

There weren't any classes available in middle or high school. First exposure to code was in first year university.

Any other obstacles?

I'm hard of hearing, but let me tell ya - nothing can stop a determined developer in this industry. There's so much to learn, and so much to do, and with the popularity of slack and email there's so many ways to communicate outside of telephones.

I'm currently hacking on...

a) Professional: Finishing up my final semester which means assignments. Lots of assignments and no free time :( .

b) Personal Work:

  • A clustercooking application - API, web interface, and native android app
  • Basic Algorithms / data structures review + blog posts
  • FB Messenger analysis tool

I'm excited about...

Free time! Once the summer hits, I'll be graduated and working full time, which means I can reclaim my weekends to work on my own ideas.

My advice for other women who code is...

Follow the rabbit hole! Have you heard or thought of something interesting? Chase it down and see what you learn. It's a chance to burst out of your comfort zone, and tackle concepts you don't know. There's so many books and tutorials and ways to play with your ideas.

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