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Canadian Digital Security and Privacy Resources

This post was originally written January 24, 2017 during an technology ethics class. It's been modified slightly as I migrate my personal blog onto

I'm not sure how my fellow Canadians feel on the current digital scene, but I'm always amazed how over saturated I feel with American politics. I pay particular attention to American digital surveillance and privacy concerns even though I'm harboured away in my northern corner. I especially paid attention to those raised during the most recent American election cycle - Hilary v Trump, and their ideas on encryption, backdoor access, surveillance, Snowden's revelations... etc. I suspect I know significantly more about American issues than Canadian.

I want to keep better track, and I would like to start having my feeds be dominated by Canadian news. I've tried to find good resources on my own, but it's hard to find something reliable and ongoing. So now, I'm crowd sourcing. I'd like to ask you for help.

What I've done so far

I've asked professors, colleagues, and fellow students for resources. I've just written letters to my local MLA, BC Premier, and the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada asking about which digital issues concern them, and for resources I can use to keep informed. Now I've made this blog post to maintain as a repository for all.

Do you have any suggestions or links to resources - specific journalists, publications, or websites - keeping track of Canadian Digital Security and Privacy Concerns?

This includes surveillance, encryption, information sharing, legal precedents, bills waiting to be approved, anything related to the digital technology rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Any medium is good with me - active twitter users, bloggers, and/or larger businesses. It can be subscription-based, or free. It can even be printed.

Please send them to me either via Twitter [@oneearedmusic ] or as a comment here.


I'm going to keep the following list updated with any and all resources I receive. I'm not going to decide how good they are, but I encourage you to vet your own newsfeed and I'll do the same.

I hope this post becomes a repository to help anyone keep informed about the current state of Canadian Digital Security and Privacy.

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... to be continued, with your help.

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