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Erika Wiedemann
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C Pointer Review

This post was originally written February 24, 2017 during an embedded systems course. I'm migrating all my personal blog posts onto

I was recently bogged down with an embedded systems project that took much longer than it should have. Part of the problem was using pointers again, so long after learning them the first time. All answers on StackOverflow were obvious once I saw them again, but what I really needed to be more effective was raw review and practice outside of project pressure.

A lot of language tutorials have detailed descriptions for each component of whatever they're doing, along with small code snippets to help "connect-the-dots." They're meant to teach. This post ends in a few sentences with a commented & ready-to run file reviewing basic C pointer assignment and access, arrays, structs, and function pointers. The comments will walk you through the code, while the output is experimental "proof" that it works.

I hope you find it helpful - happy reviewing! - A Review of C Pointers

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