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Personal Take on Blockchain & Crypto Events

I attended many Blockchain events, ranging from highly technical showcases to more general, non-technical crypto gatherings. My recent experiences have led me to observe significant differences in the value and substance of these events. Here’s my personal take on the landscape of blockchain and crypto events from both a technical and non-technical perspective.

Non-Technical Crypto Events: Hype vs. Substance

When it comes to non-technical crypto events, it seems to be one of the following:

  • Both exhibitors and audiences have no idea what they're talking about;
  • Or you see projects designed to capitalize on the blockchain hype without delivering real value.

Many projects appear to be ordinary (sometimes useless) applications dressed up with blockchain terminology to attract investors rather than offering substantial innovation or tangible benefits. This approach often results in a superficial engagement with the technology, focusing more on buzzwords than on meaningful advancements.

It's common to encounter a lack of deep understanding or projects that seem to leverage blockchain just for the hype. This aligns with observations in the industry, where numerous projects fail to deliver on their promises and instead focus on superficial aspects to garner attention and funding.

Technical Blockchain Events: Innovation Without Direction

On the other hand, technical blockchain events are often filled with genuinely impressive innovations and complex technologies. These events showcase developers' and researchers' incredible intellectual effort and technical expertise. However, a critical gap remains in the connection between these technical achievements and real-world applications.

Frequently, when questioned about practical use cases, the brilliant minds behind these projects either have no clear answers or provide abstract, unconvincing explanations. This disconnect can lead to significant investments in technologies that, despite their sophistication, lack a clear path to market relevance or consumer adoption.

The Real-World Use Case Dilemma

This issue of unclear use cases is not just theoretical. I recall a conversation with the CEO of a blockchain startup who passionately discussed their groundbreaking technology. However, when asked about specific real-world applications, his response was essentially that users would discover the use cases themselves. This approach is concerning; building technology without a clear vision for its application risks wasting investor money and valuable resources.


The disparity between non-technical and technical blockchain and crypto events highlights a fundamental challenge in the industry: aligning technological innovation with practical, real-world applications. While it's exciting to see the advancements in blockchain technology, it’s crucial that these innovations are directed towards solving real problems and providing tangible value. Without this focus, the blockchain space risks becoming a landscape of unrealized potential and speculative ventures.

πŸ’‘ The blockchain community must bridge the gap between technology and application. Developers, researchers, and investors should collaborate to ensure innovations are cutting-edge, relevant, and beneficial. By focusing on practical applications and genuine value creation, we can move beyond the hype and build a sustainable, impactful future for blockchain technology. Happy to hear your thoughts on this!

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