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note: This will be the second time I write this post. If this vanished in thin air, I'll just give up....

I had a presentation last monday regarding linting this was to ensure the spread of knowledge of the causes and solutions to the problems they encounter. Also what linting is and why we do it.

So for that presentation I wanted to find a different presentation tool than powerpoint because if everything else can be expressed in code, why not a presentation? Just a short google away I found vscode-slides which seemed to fit my needs. I tried it out and it had two pain points.

It overwrote/didnt adhere to my settings in settings.json of the workspace. And sometimes it even overwrote the settings that existed there with it's own default ones.

I raised issues regarding these two things in the github project for the extension and for one of them I was referred to an old ticket that was similar, but not quite the same. However they also wanted to have a manner of changing/having custom settings that were not overwritten. So I started by forking the project and making changes to support the specified .slidesrc file that the author figured would solve it.

Long story short, I made a PR and the author was inspired to do additional changes and merge it with my PR and now there's a new version of the extension out! Check it out

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