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How to Make Money with Programming

Many Programmes, Coders, Developers can’t get out of “the box”, even if they truly wish to do so.

For many of us, we would like to dive into another specter of Programming and maybe earn a few bucks by doing different things, but still in our sphere.

As a Programmer myself, I indeed felt the need to do something different, maybe it will be fun, maybe I will be able to find an additional stream of income, or maybe I am just doomed to fail and start over, still, I needed to do something differently.

Let me share with you additional ways to make money and still do fun things while not going away from your career a lot.

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The first thing on my list will be Blogging, not because it is easy, it is not, or I prefer it, I don’t, but because it is the most obvious.

You see, if you wish to write about programming you can do that very easily as it does not require a long experience or a huge knowledge.

Blogging as it is, requires a nice exploration of specifics and passing that information through words that are suitable for the audience.

So, if you plan to write a blog about HTTP Protocol as an example, you should know your audience and pass your knowledge in a most easier way for them to understand.

Now, as Blogging is obvious, it is not easy, to be honest, it is quite hard to be a successful Blogger, specifically in the Programming industry.

First of all, you need to realize that you will need to write multiple blogs per day, quality of those must be top-notch and as those are related to Programming, it is much harder as you will need to understand technology and terms properly and make sure to transform those into suitable words.


As a platform with millions of users every day, YouTube is probably one of the best places to learn and teach Programming.

It is well known that it is quite hard to make it on YouTube, but those who did, use YouTube as their main Stream of Income, so that should be enough to motivate you.

As I teach on YouTube as well, let me share with you my usual roadmap, before publishing a new video.

First of all, realize the video subject, explore around it, even if you are sure in your skills, code the example, prepare a script, record a video based on a script and while watching that example, edit the video, render it, upload it, add all information with the best quality for SEO and then publish it.

This is not me wanting to scare you, but it is for you to realize the scope of work needed for it before you start.

Let me share with you some YouTube Channels that I follow for Programming Content.

Traversy Media →
Fireship →
The Net Ninja →

Here is my channel as well →


Did you ever feel that you have time to spare? Maybe you have a part-time job? Or you are in search of one?

Well, as a Programmer, Freelancing could be just for you.

By being a Freelancer, you won’t go at all away from the Programming aspect, you will earn money, learn new things and still be free.

Freelancing could be a nice additional Stream of Income, especially for more experienced Programmers as you will be able to be paid more.

The big plus of Freelancing is that “free” part. Even if you work for a client, you don’t need to work from an office, you can enjoy the warmth of your home and still make money.

Now, also, Freelancing is not for everyone. I met people that are unable to work from home at all, they feel lazy or blocked by something, so they prefer to work from the office.

My advice, try it, feel it, if you like it, good for you, if not, you can still find different ways to make money as a Programmer, as there are endless possibilities.

Here are some examples of platforms for freelancers.

Upwork →
Freelancer →


This example is for more senior programmers as it requires decent knowledge, professional communication, and the ability to pass knowledge.

In today's era, E-Books are read more than Books as those are easier to make, we have easier access to those and you don’t need to write at least 200 pages so you could sell one.

Many E-Books also have Audio versions and those Audio Books are highly listened to, to the point that people today almost prefer listening to an Audio Book than to some Radio Station.

Here is an example of E-Book library where you can publish your book.

Scribd →


Next to YouTube and tutorials, programmers often dive into the courses, so creating courses and selling those can be highly profitable.

The course usually requires more than a simple tutorial from organizational point to publishing, but it is also a better Stream of Income.

Courses offer to us a Royalty Stream of Income and for you who don’t know it means that whenever we sell a course, we get some percentage from it as a Royalty.

This also means that our course can make money as long as it exists, so you won’t just build courses but your legacy as well.

Here are some platforms suitable for publishing courses.

Udemy →
SkillShare →

Here you can see my profiles on those platforms.
Udemy →
SkillShare →


Now, maybe you are already doing this, but you still don’t know, so you probably don’t make as much as you should.

Consulting is another example for Senior Programmers as it requires experience and deep knowledge.

There are few ways to do consulting as a Programmer, as an example, you can be hired as one to help a team achieve their goals, or you can work as a consultant in 1–1 sessions, but you can also bring yourself to that position in your company by being more active and involved.

Consulting usually brings more perks and higher pay and if you are into something like this, maybe consulting is just the way to go for you.


Next to Tutorials and Courses, Workshops are in a similar group. Can you just imagine a live session where you pass your knowledge to multiple viewers?

Now, workshops can be held in many different ways, but if you are communicative and reliable, this could be just for you.

You can host your workshops on websites like Twitch, where you can do Programming assignments or whole projects, and that way people can learn while you can get donations, subscriptions, and followers.

One additional way to create your workshops, especially if you already have an audience is to create a locked one, so people can pay for a sign-up and all of those who did sign-up can come to your life lessons.

Both of these examples can make money and both of those give a bit of fun as well.


Well, one obvious way is to get a job. We all know this, but let’s discuss different ways of jobs that you could have.

I already can guess that most of us are at least part-time or maybe even full-time employed and that most of us probably work from an office.

Obviously, with the latest changes due to COVID-19, you are moved to work from home, but still, once everything is safe you will be back in the office.

Next to office work, I already mentioned in this list of this Freelancing. Freelancing can offer you a full-time position as well.

Remote work is a combination here, so maybe you are a freelancer but full-time employed, so by that you are working for one company remotely, or your company allows you to work remotely without you moving positions.

If you wish to change something, maybe you don’t need to do additional work, but simply ask your Manager to work a bit from home, as that remote work could refresh you for the future as well.


This is a more specific example, as it requires preparation, knowledge, a sense of competing, and acceptance of failure.

We can see more and more competitions each month, before COVID-19 we could see competitions in person and usually, they come with nice prizes and bonuses.

Now, we can find also competitions online, prizes are not good as they were, but hopefully, soon we will be back in our usual surroundings.

Some examples of Programming Competitions are Code Jamp, Hash Code, Kick Start.


So, did you get an idea of the additional Stream of Income as a Programmer?

Is there something that you would like to try from this list?

Whatever it is, keep your head up, code daily, do at least a little for your additional Stream of Income, and in time, it will become a successful one.

For me, Tutorials, Courses, and Freelancing are the way to go, which of these do you choose?

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