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re: Front End Javascript, Angular, React, etc, what and where to start with? VIEW POST

re: This is a really good question, do you have a specific project in mind?

I have a few things in mind. Mainly my goal is to learn, I just graduated and are trying to fill the downtime between that and starting my first job with something productive.

One of my side projects I have been planning is re-writing a project I did during the school year, but wasn't able to complete as well as I would have liked due to time constraints and other factors. It was originally written using Django, I'm a go-to python guy, its what they taught in school. My hope was to still use Django, utilizing the Django REST framework for my backend and try to use something else for the frontend, which is why I thought of javascript frameworks.

Another project I've been looking to work on is with a friend of mine for a possible start up, for that we only need a basic webpage/mockup for now, that would later need to be extended out to allow basic app functionality, logging in/out, signup, etc. So again for that project I thought javascript would make sense for the front end. Hope that gives you more insight. I'm really just a soon to be junior developer trying to make to most of a boring summer haha.

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