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re: You asked which frontend JS framework/library you should learn, but I wonder whether the frontend or the JS part is more important to you. If it'...

The JS is important to me a little because I want to be more well versed with it and it's different frameworks. That being said I hadn't thought about elm and I'll definitely look into it.


If JS itself is a priority for you, then I agree with the people who have advised that you look to gain a better grasp of JS as a language, rather than just diving into a framework. This is just a personal recommendation mind, you may not find that this works for you if you're motivated more by instant gratification. You'll know how you learn best here. :-)

If you're looking for a great course that will really help you understand the depths of JS I'd highly recommend Anthony Alicea's course "JavaScript: Understanding The Weird Parts" which you'll be able to find on udemy.com :-)

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