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Community owners, stop being stupid!

How problematic is it that an influential person starts talking stupid things and people start taking it as law?

I recently read an article that talked about a comparison of Fabien Potencier’s benchmarks (creator of Symfony) and Taylor Otwell (creator of Laravel). You can check the article:

Is Taylor Otwell Right About Fabien’s Statement on Symfony’s Benchmark?

Reading this article, I thought, how a PHP community is disunited, compared with other communities (mainly like the frontend) and that is due to the fault of the owners themselves.

It’s incredible how as only in our area we see specialized communities in just one area, like it would be strange a screw fan club organized by cabinetmakers. On the one hand, this is very cool because it promotes the evolution of a specific area, but this becomes a big problem when these areas begin to compete with each other and forget the purpose, which is to make the language more accessible for everyone.

Is Benchmark really the priority?

If Benchmark really were the priority, we would be talking about frameworks written in C in this article.

Surely benchmark can influence our choices, but I believe for a majority of developers, it is not the priority. There are thousands of other factors influencing choice, for example: Learning curve, labor market, agility, design patterns, documentation, design, community, among other things. Why do not we just talk about these points? Or do not they talk about these points?

The environment where the application is running influences more in the benchmark than the own technology.

“But there is a market in which they fight”

I agree, no matter how miraculously they leave stupidity aside and do things together, you still have comparisons, because they are different products. But if they really need to fight in the market and the benchmark is their top priority, why are not they competing with Code Igniter?

Basically, when that happens, everything community always says “Technologies are a means and not an end,” they ignore and try to prove that their grass is greener than the other. The worst of it all is when your followers start adopting it as truth, and things look more or less like this:

Your framework should provide for language evolution, not the other way round.

So Taylor Otwell and Fabien Potencier (and other community owners), stop the stupid fight and promote more things for the communities, so that we will have more people using their tools and consequently evolving them.

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