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What do they mean with "it's a suicide mission" ?

What are trying to do in particular?


they mean it’s a dead end and php never meant to scrape, what i am trying to do is a web app that helps freelancers gets the most probable and suitable job offers fir them, by scrapping specific freelancing sites, ofc its a profiling app and each user submits a survey about them selves so the app whould profile them.
so i love php and mastering it so i want to build this app with it, but the most people say it’s not meant to be


Ok they mean the project is a dead end, not the technology.

I don't know if it's a dead end, it's going to be very hard. Any project totally based on scraping requires a lot of maintenance. Every time a website changes your app will break.

There's also the fact that many freelance websites require registration to view the offers so those are not "scrapable".

Last but not least, you might infringe their copyright, check with every website.

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