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Metro 4 - What is it?

Hello! My name is Serhii Pimenov. I'm a web developer from Kyiv, Ukraine, and I would like to briefly introduce my project - Metro 4.

Metro 4 (early Metro UI CSS) is a free (MIT license) and open-source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS in windows Metro style and not only. You can quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with a responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, powerful plugins, usefulness routines, and a big demo project. Starting with version 4.3, the project no longer has any dependencies, such as jQuery.

Metro 4 is a comprehensive project that contains:

  • Base styles
  • 100+ components
  • JS tools and routines
  • Extensive guide
  • Builder for creating custom components set
  • Big demo project - Pandora
  • Additional repo for React version
  • Sandbox - demo project, built with Metro 4

Work on the project continues. New versions are released once every one to two weeks. I provide very fast feedback on errors found through GitHub Issues.

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