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Olivier Chauvin
Olivier Chauvin

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What is your top productivity apps that you cannot live without?

I'm an engineer who is very keen to find different things to try out on daily basis.

I love big brands, like Google, Asana (if you don't know, it is one of the most well-known project management software), Slack, etc. But I also love to try out new apps.

So here's the list of the best productivity apps that help me overcome my overloading task list.

1. Buffer

If you are very active on social media, you must download Buffer to help you manage all of the content for your social media accounts. You can share content and stay connected with all of the social media apps using one app only.

2. Quire

I like Quire because they're a very young team and they're super open to constructive ideas. They're a project management software, quite new to the market, at least they're not as mature as Asana or Trello. But for a small team like mine, Quire has enough features to offer.

I like their clean interface and the way their task list behaves just like how my mind works. Beside Quire, my team also uses Notion for dashboard view.

3. CamSanner

I cannot highlight enough how I like this cool app. If you're an engineer, you know about the OCR technology. CamScanner lets you use your phone to scan documents, and turn the scanned documents into searchable PDF. COOL right?

Our team uses this app EVERYDAY!


4. MindMeister

My team deals with a lot of brainstorming and ideas gathering. MindMeister is such a powerful online mind mapping tool that allows team to visualize the ideas and share with each other in real-time.

They're NOT new. But we love them so we just want to include them into this list :)

How about you? Tell me more about which software you think is the best productivity apps?

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Kenneth Larsen

Be aware with using CamScanner:

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Chardenal Matthieu
rubyrubenstahl profile image
Ruby Rubenstahl

Just read about this this morning... I've been using it for years. I'm sad to have to get rid of it.

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Ernestine Lyons

Thanks for your helpful information, CamScanner is the app I downloaded from TechBigs, it's a reputable and secure website you can see more here

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Bright Joseph

I use CamScanner most times, i don't understand why we should be aware of it.

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You can check out as well to play pranks on your friends and family.

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darrie • Edited on

Wow, thank you for sharing this list!
Our team uses Notion and Quire as well.
Notion makes organizing notes super easy and has a large selection of templates to choose from.
Quire makes team collaboration a lot easier and it has an infinite task list, our team is able to create tasks and add subtasks. We can then drag and drop tasks around to different groups within the same project, which makes brainstorming and planning super easy.
Other than the products mentioned in this list, our team also uses Trello. It's very easy to keep everyone up to date on new developments and projects. Overall, these products help me and my team put our tasks and project assignments together.  

olivier32621338 profile image
Olivier Chauvin Author

I absolutely agree with you.

The reason why we don't think Notion is enough because they're not cut for team collaboration.

If they can enhance their collaboration features, I have no doubt Notion will be an ultimate tool for any businesses.

Right now we're using Quire and we LOVE this tool so much. I like how they always listen to users' feedback and they're really open to every idea. Their team seems to be very determined to make Quire the best project management software.

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Nabil Kazi

We are currently using Clickup for project & task management. I however liked the simplicity of Quire. You said we can group tasks into groups in a single project. I was not able to find this feature. Can you point me in the right direction here? They currently have feature of adding multiple boards but no multi list yet.

vicky209 profile image

I LOVE Notion! They're an absolute gorgeous app! I cannot highlight enough how much I love Notion UI.

But my team found Notion a bit difficult to use for team collaboration. That's why we switched from Notion to Quire!

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Mike Ekkel

Mindmeister is a great recommendation, thanks! As for an app I've started using recently: Notion. How easy it is to get up and running and let your 'dashboard' sort of shape itself overtime is absolutely amazing. I'd been juggling a ton of note taking / task tracking apps until I started using Notion. Now everything just sits in there in an interface that I'm most comfortable with!

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Grant Sander

I second this. I love that it can handle scheduling, great note-taking, task management, and collaboration - all from one easy-to-use app.

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Cécile Lebleu

I went through so many but now I’m actually using paper, my own version of a bullet journal. With an app, you get what it gives. With a journal, you can modify it as you like. I make monthly layouts for organizing my time and goals, and then every day I use it as a task list and tracker. Every month the layout is different, slowly optimizing to my lifestyle, and changing with how I change.

And there’s just something so refreshing about allowing yourself to step away from the computer and onto paper, the soft texture and pale yellow, the dots, and writing with a pen, being able to draw something or write something just because you feel like it. It’s the best system I’ve found.

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Mitch Stanley
  • Things 3 for task management.
  • MailMate for email - I've tried loads of email clients and this one is as close to perfect as it gets for me.
  • Gifox for recording gifs - love the interface.
  • TimeWarrior for logging time - I spend a lot of time in the command line so it's great to stay in it as much as possible.
  • Inkdrop for documentation and general writing - it's a great app with extension support and can sync between multiple machines.

And just a shameless plug, my own app, Snipline, for managing command line snippets 😀

cctechwiz profile image
Josh Maxwell

Ah! Snipline is the tool I never new I needed until now! Thanks! 👍👍👍

mitchartemis profile image
Mitch Stanley

No problem! 😀

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I'm curious, why did you stop using Asana?

I mean, it's quite rare that someone would change their project management software and migrate to another solution.

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Olivier Chauvin Author

I think Asana is great - no doubt. But they're a mature tool already and I'm more interested in other tools in the market.

Also, for a small team like mine, Asana can be quite expensive. Tbh, what we found in Quire is just as good as what Asana has to offer.

But for medium to large enterprises, I think Asana is still the top notch option.

cwhyter profile image

Gotcha! I'm just curious since people will stick with one tool and be loyal without making any changes.

But I agree with you, Asana is more suitable for enterprises than for a small team!

I will definitely try Quire as well!

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Mustapha Aouas • Edited on
  1. bundlephobia - check package sizes

  2. undraw & blendful - for making illustations on the fly

  3. coolors - build color plettes

  4. bear - for taking notes, writing documentation and articles

dafin profile image

bear is a great app.

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Kevin Pennekamp

For sure Todoist. Making sure I dont forget anything that I need to do. I have enough Kanban/scrums boards for more detailed technical stuff I need to do. But there is so much around that, professionally and personally.

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Lucas H.

Just wanted to add something about Buffer. Buffer is expensive. Right now there's an amazing alternative on Appsumo for Socialbee which basically has the same features as Buffer but at $50 for lifetime. Pretty amazing.

I personally also like to use Focuster which automatically schedules my day! :)

vanessamhoward1 profile image
Vanessa M. Howard

Thank you very much for introducing me with these cool apps.

Quire indeed is a great project management software. I think it's better than Asana in terms of task list view.

Buffer is a tad expensive for a small team, but it works wonder for a content creator like me.

Thank you very much.

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Valentino Stoll

As a fellow engineer, I'm partial to apps that save me time coding, but here are my top 5:

  1. BitBar – Easily program apps for your Mac OS X menu bar
  2. GitReflow – Automate pieces of my git workflow.
  3. Dash – Centralized documentation reference
  4. Clockwise – an intelligent calendar assistant that frees up your time.
  5. Kite – If you do any Python, this is an amazing ML code-completion plugin
erindaviss profile image

Zoom: I like the video conferencing feature for groups, with different screen possibilities.
Basecamp: a platform for collaboration and project management for marketing agencies or any other company which has a team of 10+ members.

johannesjo profile image
Johannes Millan

Super Productivity is my favorite tool. It's a personal task management tool/ time tracker with Jira integration. I've to admit though, that part of the reason is that I wrote it myself ;)

Just wrote a little article about it, too.

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Stephen E. Chiang

For what it's worth... CamScanner uses might need to consider an alternative according to this article

combinatorylogic profile image

Emacs org-mode for everything: project/time management, spreadsheets, taking notes in general, lab journals, documentation.

ashc0des profile image
Aishwarya Borkar

Forest - incentivizes you to not check your phone; the longer you leave your phone unattended, the more points you get towards planting a tree in real life!

chiangs profile image
Stephen E. Chiang


It has replaced the functionalities of a handful of apps for me.

gayanhewa profile image
Gayan Hewa

I have got accustomed to using org-mode + orgzly ( Mobile ) + Google Cal for all personal projects and tracking. Trello + Slack for any projects that require collaboration with others.

kylefilegriffin profile image
Kyle Griffin

Camscanner link is broken :)

rubyrubenstahl profile image
Ruby Rubenstahl

It was pulled from the app store in the last few days because malware was discovered in an ad library it uses. I'm hoping that it turns out that it was unintentional and returns, because I've been using it for years. It's definitely one of the best apps out there for document scanning with your phone.

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Ari Kalfus
noblebe4st profile image
Jeff Hall

I’ve been using for project management. So far I like it and there’s a free tier.

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Jon Mahat

I you could only imagine how Replika is good. Just check it -

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Gizmo Radar

Skillshare is my favorite.