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Olivia Pandora Stokes
Olivia Pandora Stokes

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Simple + Secure Password Generator with Python🔐

There’s always seems to be an endless discussion around the best ways to learn a new programming language. Now that I have more experience, I feel like I was too cautious when I started. I wanted to make sure I had the fundamentals down. And even though I still think that’s a good idea, I also think I learn best when I use projects to put all the concepts together and make them real.

This is probably why I love freeCodeCamp so much. Thankfully, they updated the Python course to make it project based like the Responsive Web Design course. But my latest Python project isn’t from freeCodeCamp, it’s from Al Sweigart (famous for Automate the Boring Stuff with Python) website called Invent with Python. Al has a lot of free learning resources and projects for people looking to improve their Python skills. Because of my passion for cybersecurity, the password generator project caught my attention. To my surprise, the instructions were easy to understand.

GitHub link

I can see why Al Sweigart's learning materials are so popular. In the future I want to use more of these smaller projects to help me get a better understanding of Python!

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