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Is Open Source really that great for developers?

Disclaimer: I don't mean to say open source is bad.

TL;DR: I was told that open source development can bring out the best in each programmer. I'm excited to discover that by contributing to the community this semester.


My first Github repository was a Github-driven trojan written in Python. Simply put, the trojan pulls the Python modules, containing malicious code, hosted on a Github repository and runs them. However, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have used it for anything other than educational purposes. Judging by the code, it seems that 17-year-old Oliver forgot to copy some code for the trojan to function normally (smh).

To his naive mind, 17-year-old Oliver probably thought that Github was only for copying others' code (and hosting trojan modules). He didn't realize that it would be his companion on his (hopefully) long-lasting coding career.

Why I want to try Open Source Development

Now, I'm continuing my journey in Toronto. I'm still copying code from Github, but I've noticed open source projects have more potentials than just that. I heard a lot about the glamorous evolution that most programmers experience while contributing to open source projects. Everything from their technical skills (e.g. programming knowledge, coding style) to their soft skills (e.g. collaboration and communication skills) is improved.

If that's true, I really want to experience that at least once. Therefore, I decided to take the Open Source Development course at Seneca College.

The project I want to work on

After browsing through some trending repos, I'm looking forward to contributing to Krita in the upcoming weeks. It's a cross-platform application for digital painting.

I love this project because of its welcoming and detailed guidelines for contributors. Additionally, I enjoy using it in my daily life, so I'm more eager to dive into its codebase and help with the development and maintenance of this project.

I feel that this is going to be an exciting journey. I'll keep you posted Why don't you join in? Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss about the project or open source in general via email ( or LinkedIn.

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