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How I Reviewed Code for Seneca-ICTOER

As I was working on the modernized version of IPC144, there were many pending pull requests (PR) made by other students. I decided to help them out with reviewing their pull requests. Most of them were well done, so I could only give a few recommendations to some of them. Here are two of them.

Reviewed PR for

In the PR, I noticed the author accidentally committed two irrelevant files: https-webhint-io.html and yarn.lock. He was supposed to modify only a Markdown file, but he probably added his Web Hint's report by mistake. I made a comment on it, which helped him eventually remove those irrelevant files from his PR.

Reviewed PR for More Input and

After reviewing the PR, I noticed a tiny whitespace character that could lead to misunderstanding. The original text was:

"%*c%c" discards/ignores one character and accepts the next.
" %c" discards/ignores all whitespace characters before the next non-whitespace character.

The whitespace in " %c" was then removed by the author. However, this whitespace character was actually necessary for the expression to discard/ignore all whitespace characters.

Final thoughts

Code review surely requires attention to details, but it can be done more easily with collaboration. I really appreciate others' effort on reviewing my PR and suggesting interesting areas of improvement. I hope that I have a chance to review more challenging work next time.

PR #1:
PR #2:

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