CSSWand: New Features!

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New Features:

  • Built-in Color Picker
  • Input CSS design add
  • Press Button CSS add

After the launch of the project, it's been voted #2 Product of the day on Product Hunt with over 800+ upvotes.

Thank you to everyone for making it happen and if you still haven't checked it out I am attaching the links below. Thank you again! Stay tuned as more new features are being added weekly πŸ˜„

check out the project here

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Featured on Product Hunt:

Tech used:
React, Ant Design, Emotion, Firebase

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Great job. Looks like a good start. What do you feel got you the most attention to your new product? I’ve see. Your site pop up a few times. I’m really struggling to get attention to my gidgitz.com website, any idea would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks! I think the UI definitely helped retain attention. When I went to your site, I am not sure what's the purpose of it and I had to look around a bit to find which section does what, I think there are too many things going on at once and maybe a bit rearrangement of the UI would bump up your attention credibility. Hope that helps :D


I like this comment! You're right. When I first saw yours I thought it didn't have much, but one thing I knew was exactly what you were offering. I'll work on the layout. Thank you.

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