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Perl Weekly Challenge #230 - Turning Numbers into Characters and Words into Numbers

Hi everybody! I'm finally back with another PWC/TWC blog post for week 230.

Separate Digits

For the first challenge we want to split all the numbers in the array into single digits. Here's the code:

use v5.36;
my @nums;
push(@nums, split(//, $_)) for @ARGV;
say $_ for @nums;
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It very simply splits anything in its arguments into individual characters and pushes them onto a new array.

Count Words

Our second challenge asks us to count the words that start with the given prefix. Here's a 4-liner (minus boilerplate) to help us out with this one:

use v5.36;
my $pattern = shift;
my $count;
for (@ARGV) {$count++ if $_ =~ /^$pattern/}
say $count // 0;
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We take the pattern and then add to the count if our regex prefix matches the start of any of the strings in the arguments.

That's all for this week, two nice easy challenges! Hope I'll be able to post again next week maybe.

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