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Perl Weekly Challenge #214 - Rank Score

Just one weekly challenge entry this week, because I am lacking in time and have no idea how to efficiently solve the second challenge.

So here goes:

Rank Score

First, the code:


use strict;
use v5.24;

my @sorted = reverse sort @ARGV;
my %hash;
my @table = ('G', 'S', 'B');
my $curr;

foreach (@sorted) {
    if ($curr <= 2) {
        $hash{$_} //= $table[$curr];
    } else {
        $hash{$_} //= $curr + 1;

say $hash{$_} for @ARGV;
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At first, I thought this challenge was something totally different, I don't know why, but it still turned out quite simply. We want to keep the output in the same order as the input, so we obviously can't just sort and replace the inputs. The easiest way is then to use each score as the key of a hash, where the value is the rank. Since all equal scores will be equally ranked, this sorts the scores from highest to lowest and iteratively assigns ranks. For any duplicates, the index counter continues counting but the defined-or ranks that entry in the hash as the first appropriate rank. For the first 3 ranks, the table of podium winners is used.

That's all for this week! As usual, if you have any comments by all means post them. I'll look forward to seeing the other solutions to challenge 2.

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