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Easy Steps to Create Microsoft Azure Resource (hamburger menu)

Following our initial tutorial in creating Azure resources, we are now exploring another method to achieve the same goal.

To create any Microsoft Azure Resources, you can explore the following steps

  1. Navigate to as seen in the image below. Navigate to Azure portal
  2. Login with your Microsoft account credentials (email, phone, or Skype details) by following these steps:
  • Input your email or phone or Skype detail in the input field provided and click the Next button

  • Input your password in the password field and click Sign in button

Email detail input
Enter Password details
Azure offers a wide array of resources, each designed to serve distinct functions. The selection of Azure resources is driven by the specific solutions or services an organization seeks to implement. In this article, we will utilize the hamburger menu.

Select the hamburger menu, and click Resource groups.


Select Create


Enter the name of the resource group

name RG
Select Review + create at the bottom of the page

Review and create

  1. Now, click create! Boohay 🎊 select create


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