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Olatunji Ayodele Abidemi
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Snowy Insights - A Data Exploration and visualization

Snowy Insights is an interactive web application that leverages the Snowflake Arctic model family and Streamlit to provide a seamless data exploration and visualization experience. The project aims to help data analysts and scientists quickly gain insights into their datasets, identify patterns, and uncover hidden trends.


  1. Data Ingestion: Snowflake's Arctic model family will be used to ingest and process large datasets from various sources, such as CSV files, databases, or cloud storage.
  2. Data Exploration: Streamlit's interactive widgets will enable users to explore their datasets, filter data, and perform basic data analysis (e.g., aggregation, grouping, sorting).
  3. Visualization: Snowy Insights will utilize Streamlit's visualization library to create interactive and dynamic visualizations (e.g., charts, graphs, heatmaps) to help users understand their data better.
  4. Machine Learning Integration: The application will allow users to apply machine learning models (e.g., regression, clustering) to their datasets, using Snowflake's built-in ML capabilities.
  5. Collaboration: Snowy Insights will include features for real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work together on data analysis and visualization projects.


  1. Faster Insights: Snowy Insights will enable users to quickly gain insights into their datasets, reducing the time spent on data preparation and analysis.
  2. Interactive Visualizations: The application's interactive visualizations will help users identify patterns and trends in their data, leading to better decision-making.
  3. Collaborative Environment: Snowy Insights will facilitate real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together more effectively on data analysis projects.

By building Snowy Insights using Snowflake Arctic and Streamlit, we can create a powerful and user-friendly data exploration and visualization dashboard that helps users uncover valuable insights from their datasets.

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