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Internship goals: HNGi8 x I4G

Hello fams, I am privileged to be amongst the HNGi8 intern Operated by Zuri. This medium is used to document my goals and what intend to achieve at the end of Eight (8) weeks.

About HNG

HNG Internship is a long-running, large-scale virtual internship for people learning to code and design. It focuses on the post-training phase and creates a virtual work environment for participants.
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⚙️ Here are my stacks

Internship Goals

🎯 To be the ideal software engineer
🎯 Network with like-minded developers and take the relationship to build a solution in the nearest months.
🎯Develop good communication skills in the Backend Engineering field

At the end of Eight weeks I want to do the following:

1) Be able to implement all lessons learned to solve real-life problems.

2) Pass on the knowledge to teens and adults alike interested in the suburbs that are interested in learning web development.

3) Write clean, readable, scalable, and reusable codes.

4) Document my progress into an e-book to be used by beginners

Below are contents that will speed you up in the following fields.

Figma tutorial link figma link by Dev Ed
Git tutorial Link. Git tutorial by Traversy media
JavaScript Tutorial link Net ninja

Here's is the to Zuri Learning Platform Zuri

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