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Awesome GitHub Repositories to Learn CSS

Hello, everyone! As a developer, whether a novice, intermediate, or senior, we all struggle to grasp or address CSS-related issues at some time during development.

Well, I suppose that's typical, however, I did some research into how we may learn or resolve CSS-related issues.

In this post, I'll reveal to you some fantastic CSS repositories where we can find CSS principles, resources, and courses, among other things.

1. Awesome CSS Learning

A fantastic collection of the top CSS learning resources.

This list focuses on CSS, both as a language and as a set of modules. It's not about naming conventions, architecture paradigms, frameworks, pre-processors, post-processors, CSS-in-JS, or any other component of the CSS ecosystem today.

GitHub logo micromata / awesome-css-learning

A tiny list limited to the best CSS Learning Resources

Awesome CSS Learning Awesome CSS Logo

An awesome list limited to the best CSS learning resources

This list is mainly about CSS – the language and the modules. Not about naming conventions, architecture paradigms, frameworks, pre-processors, post-processors, CSS-in-JS or other aspects of todays CSS ecosystem.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.


CSS References

  • codrops - An extensive CSS reference offering way more content than MDN.
  • Can I use - Interactive browser support tables for CSS (and HTML5).

CSS in a nutshell

  • Introduction to CSS - This screencast series will teach you the basics of CSS in about one hour.

Fundamental concepts

  • The cascade - This article explains what the cascade is and how this affects you.
  • Specificity and inheritance - Understanding specificity and inheritance is important to master CSS. This article…

2. Learn CSS Today

A place where you may find excellent collections of CSS projects to learn from.

3. CSS Topics

Trending CSS-related topics.

4. CSS Secret

You'll find some solutions to common CSS issues in this repository.

Starting at the beginning

  • You can fork this repo using this if you wish to use it as a memo.

Each section is kept in its own folder.

  • There are subfolders in each folder.
  • There are README files in each subfolder that describe the problem we're trying to solve.

GitHub logo luctst / CSS-Secrets

Trainning with some CSS3 Tricks, with the help of the Lea Verou book "CSS SECRETS"

CSS-Secrets, click to see all the secrets

In this Repository you will find some solutions to commom CSS problems

Getting started

If you want have this repo like a memo you can fork this repo by using this

git clone

How this repo works

Here how this Repository works :

  • Each section is in folder.
  • In each folders there are subfolders.
  • In each subfolders there are README file who present the problem we trying to solve.


PLease read our CONTRIBUTING.MD for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.



This project is licensed under the MIT Licence - see the file for details

5. CSS Framework

A curated list of awesome CSS frameworks.

GitHub logo troxler / awesome-css-frameworks

List of awesome CSS frameworks in 2023

Awesome CSS Frameworks Awesome

List of awesome CSS frameworks.
Feel free to contribute.

Supported by FrontAid CMS:

FrontAid CMS - Agile Content Management with Git.


Base / Reset / Normalize


Frameworks that use semantic HTML and do not rely on classes.

  • Water.css - Just-add-CSS collection of styles to make simple websites just a little nicer.
    Repo | #CSS

I hope you find these Resources Useful.

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