How Dark mode on Dev and other platforms has made me lazy Developer

olalani profile image Olalani Oluwaseun ・1 min read

To be sincere, I really love the part of the dark mode design on all tech platforms and social media. When dark mode were roll out as update on different platforms I subscribed to it but never knew it will make me lazy as a young developer. Prior before now, I read a lot of articles from developers on different platforms like Dev.to, Medium, Hashnode, Frontend Masters, Twitter and so which I gained alot and I really grow up in learning codes as a newbie.
But now I just scroll up and down to see the latest articles or updates also save the interesting articles for further reading but I will not read it at the moment and I will never open the saved article again . Having been doing this for months and is affecting my learning part. As young or newbie in coding or tech, notice yourself and be guided. Just my view 👍 you might find it interesting to you 😉. Drop your view


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I read it all and I don't understand the connection between dark mode and your laziness.

How dark mode made you lazy exactly?


On dark mode, I will be lazy to view each articles even sometimes I glanced through them instead of reading in details....