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Auth0 Developer Advocates Tackle Advent of Code

TL;DR: Auth0's developer advocates are ready to rock #AdventOfCode this December. 🎉 Click here to learn how you can find us and join the fun.

Do you remember the joy of advent calendars? 🎅 You would get one calendar on the 1st of December and every day until Christmas you would open one of the tiny boxes and get a surprise. 🎁

What is Advent of Code

According to the website:

Advent of Code (AoC) is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like.

And we, developers advocates from Auth0 by Okta want to join the fun. 🚀

We will solve the puzzles in our favourite languages, mine is Python 🐍.

When can I start solving puzzles

Go to the AoC website starting on December 1st at midnight EST (UTC-5), and the first puzzle will be available. Get ready to flex your coding muscles and enjoy the challenge! 💪

How are Auth0's developer advocates joining the fun

We are really excited for Advent of Code! Some developers might relate to this but for me trying to solving puzzles alone is no fun. So this time around I'm pairing up with Carla, she likes Ruby so I'll teach a little Python and she will teach me a little Ruby while we figure out the challenges together.

Other advocates will also try to solve the puzzles alongside developers of the world, you can follow us on social networks to accompany our progress while we use the hashtag #AdventOfCode. 🎉

But not only that! Some of us will also livestream our attempt at solving the puzzles! And we will even have friends on our livestreams to pair on puzzles.

How can I find you

Make sure to connect with us and tag us when you participate in the AoC. You can also follow the hashtag #AdventOfCode on your favourite social media. We will be using #AdventOfCode for all things AoC-related. This way you'll see not only us but everyone that post something about AoC. 🌟

Carla Urrea - Preferred language: Ruby

Corey L Weathers - Preferred language: C#

Jess Temporal - Preferred language: Python 🐍

Juan Martinez - Preferred language: Python 🐍

Kiah Imani - Preferred language: C#

When will you be streaming?

Here's our calendar for the month of December, but remember, your best bet is to follow us on the streaming platforms linked above to be notified when we go live. It's going to be a coding party you won't want to miss! 🎊

Other coding advent calendars and resources

So far I've seen:

Know of any others? Drop them in comments I'd love to add them here. 😉

Also, you may want to join the AdventOfCode subreddit for more coding fun and discussions.

Edit: We are all putting our solutions up in GitHub you'll find the repositories below 👀

GitHub logo carlastabile / advent-of-code

My Advent Of Code solutions

Advent of Code

First time ever doing an advent of code was 2020. Initially I started using python3 but then switched to ruby because ruby is life.

For 2021 I'll try again with python3! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Each folder contains a year and each year the challenge of a day and my answer.

I usually start with a naive answer and try to iterate over it to improve. Nonetheless, I can't promess I iterated over all of them :D


I feel fancy, but if you want to contribute by improving my answers please feel fre to open a PR. What's a GitHub repo without PRs am I right?

Be nice

No rude comments are accepted under this space. This is a safe space.

GitHub logo jtemporal / adventofcode2023

my attempts at advent of code 2023

Advent of Code 2023

My solutions in Python for the Advent of Code 2023.


I can't wait to see you around the web this December, as we embark on this coding adventure together! Let's make this Advent season the most exciting one yet. 🎄🎉

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TAHER El Mehdi

Thank you Auth0 for this tackle of the Advent of Code Challenge
🏆 Let's get all fifty stars by December 25th to save Christmas.