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re: Whether or not Uncle Bob is still "beloved" is surely a topic for longer discussion :-) but I agree with much of his reasoning around pace of chang...

Many of the things Uncle Bob says make sense, but the endearing nickname and accumulated fame make it dangerously easy to fall into the pits of authority bias.

Never assume something to be true just because "Uncle Bob" (or any other author) said it. Come to me with independent reasons.

I especially have an issue with his "learn in your own time" stance — he quotes that doctors do not get paid by patients to practice sutures and football fans do not pay to see players run through tires. Both are not really true: in both cases the employers will generally pay for training, and training time is calculated into the final price of the service.

Of course that doesn't mean that you should work on your random hobby projects during office time, but in my opinion when you ask about learning opportunities during a job interview, it should never be answered with "If you read Uncle Bob's books, you should know to do that in your own time".

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