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re: This supposed to be easy? Anyway thanks for your time and effort.

Hi Hélio, thanks for the feedback

I had not yet qualified its difficulty thing, if it appears as 'easy' it is probably a default value when you don't say otherwise (what number would you suggest on the scale?).

In this case I would love to know what parts you find less accessible and try to go over them and improve/clarify on this post or on another.

This is a format experiment that benefits/assumes the reading of other materials. It is sure more daunting, but I hoped that it allows to combine several concepts together and see the interactions.

Did you read the linked materials?

  • If yes: were they unhelpful?
  • If not: what deterred you from it? Is it discouraging to refer to other sources?



I give a overall look, and by the title, the content made confuse. Then I started reading and probably found something long and confuse to me. But as I said, I really appreciate your effort and hope this article help others.

Yep, probably the title is misleading, because the content covers more concepts than just reduce and roman numerals, but I am guilty of trying to have a catchy headline, and also afraid that a thoroughly descriptive title could sound boring.

I am sorry it did not serve you well and grateful for your kind comments despite your disappointment.

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