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Discussion on: Is DEV skewed to web-dev mainly? Are you in for something else?

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nita daniel

My interests include front end development -- I work a full stack. And I appreciate that Javascript as a language is (now) broad in its potential uses. Nevermind the variants, frameworks, etc. And to play with it requires little -- never mind, the various fiddles and pastebins, but just a console or an "environment" on mdn. Tooling can get in your way with Javascript. But for examples, etc, it rarely does.

I am interested in tech culture, tech OUTSIDE of the magnet cities, real life compromises instead of "the best way to do X", devOps, machine learning, legacy codebases, statistical approaches, optimization and tuning...

But yeah, there's a lot of CSS and JS here.

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akashic seer

I always hated Javascript due to the fact it works different in different browsers. Plus Javascript changes so much so quickly I get tired of reviewing, relearning etc. And there are 9,999,999 frameworks, tools and libraries. It gets to be overwhelming and a waste of time.

I am about over programming all together. Lack of proper documentation of most frameworks, libraries and languages makes me angry and I am tired of being angry. I want a field less chaotic, something like Math or Physics. At least those don't change the day after you learn them and the documentation is always excellent.

I think programmers lack of communication skills is what I hate most.

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Ben Halpern

I also made another comment in this thread

(and also made this issue because I felt like I should be able to address everyone who's already commented at one 😋)

@thread mention #6065

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

As an admin, tag mod, or author of a post, I might want to leave a comment which addresses everyone who has already commented in the thread.

It might be that I want to weigh in on a topic I am late to as a site admin and give everyone my thoughts. I might want to let the whole thread know that because things are getting heated we may need to take action. Or simply assure folks that mods are paying attention.

Describe the solution you'd like

If I type @thread (or maybe @all? or something else) I create a mention for all users in that thread.

The mention notification should account for it being this "type" of mention and likely have slightly different copy but otherwise I think this can run through normal mention infrastructure.

Additional context

There is an element of spammy abuse, but I think restricting this to authors/mods/admins makes this work. If anyone abuses this, we deal with them via warning/suspension. It might be worth codifying what this kind of abuse looks like though.

...But I 100% hear you and agree with you on this. I think it's a well summarized point of view and we are definitely working to make structural improvements to allow for more content like what you're describing and have it land in the feeds for those who are most interested in it.

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