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Ohad Eder-Pressman Author

Glad to have you onboard for the beta and looking forward for your feedback.

Lots of valid points raised and I'd like to highlight that you may have the skills to get amazing results with WP. You did touch on a very important point when you wrote "just making it clear that's mostly poor/busy dev that makes it slow" and "When I talk about WP, I mean my WP, not WP in general" and I think that sums up a lot of the challenges with WP. If the default install leads to suboptimal/bad results it requires all devs to be experts - I aspire for tools that help people build awesome things without requiring them to be the best in their field

We are very early with these new approaches and I agree 100% there's a lot of tooling and best practices missing, that's why we started our company. WP is also not going anywhere tomorrow but I think the shift is beginning and I'm glad to have you onboard for our beta.

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I like your goal.

As long as you are calling me "best in their field" I am onboard. Go Stackbit. 😉

I don't feel like I am doing much to WP that is expert though.

When I think about future CMS, I mostly think about video/mobile (publishing better/easier than social media) & 3D {web}. That's mostly what I am skilling up on rn.

Desktop/long form has time left, but will become more niche daily. I am not so much looking to replace WP as take the next step. Long form on 98% mobile? The last 2% will be devs.

Usually creating awesome things requires you to be best in your field (or lucky/connected). Not "2 press setup". Great food, watches, art, vehicles, fashion etc are almost always created 'by hand' by experts with extensive knowledge.

In general, anyone can do it = lower quality. Not to say that is bad. The straddling is where it almost always gets difficult. Experts become unsatisfied, beginners are confused (Photoshop variations are a good example of trying to avoid the straddle, because big money is on the table).

I'll look out for the invite. Gl Ohad. 👍