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Omar Gaston Chalas
Omar Gaston Chalas

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Do you want contributors for your Open Source Project?

There are many benefits when a developer contributes to open source, but when he has nothing or is not very experienced, it is difficult to make his first pull request.

So I want you to share your open source project in the comments section and anyone who comes to you interested in contributing has to help (as a mentor) until he/she can successfully make their first attempt.

Let's get started.

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Jérémie Astor

Let's start with Gwion, a programming language geared towards music making. This is my main programming project, as I intend to use it for music shows/installations (I already used it with success in the last three years 😄).
I'll gladly help anyone wanting to contribute.

You can also have a look at mdr the markdown runner, which is the tool I use for Gwion's documentation.

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Siddhartha Dhar Choudhury

I would like to present 3 projects:-

1) simC
A dynamically typed high-level syntax for C
Skills: Python, Compiler Design, Web dev

2) PyGeneses
A PyTorch based Deep RL framework to train and study artificial species in bio-inspired environments
Skills: ML/DL, Reinforcement Learning, Web dev, PyGame

3) TemplateBuddy
A free platform where users can create their resumes and research papers from templates that we have to offer. In progress.
Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Flask