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re: We work in an unregulated industry where information is only proven by other "experts" in the fields (usually a team member or consultant). Elect...

The difference, is that you don’t ask a plumber to build a swing for 20 people (hey, why not? He knows his tubes !?!), or even an “electrician” to build a MHD flying saucer (after all, it’s just wires with current and tension).

But in the case of a software developper, you will ask him to build anything, impacting from the smallest data item (a few bits in a processor) to the whole world! Now people complain that bitcoin miners contribute to the climate change!

So yes, a software developper has the moral obligaton to know more than just a programming langage (I would hire somebody giving a good answer the that interview questions, even if he knew no programming language (as long as he can still do the fizzbuzz program in pseudo code)).

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