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What is

According to the about page, is:

DEV is a community of software developers getting together to help one another out. The software industry relies on collaboration and networked learning. We provide a place for that to happen.

Key Features Landing Page

Sign Up/Sign In

Creating an account lets you bookmark articles you liked and would like to read up on later on and also make your own posts.
You can link other existing accounts to sign up or sign into
Sign In and Sign Up dialogue box

Home Page Home Page

There are various options on your home page once you sign into your account. The Relevant tab displays various posts that are curated based on the tags, users and organizations you follow or view popular post on the Top tab. The Latest tab has, well, the latest posts.

There are also menu options on the left to navigate the other attributes including:

  • Listings
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Forem Shop
  • Sponsors

Posts Post Editor

Posts are the most popular feature of They can be in a classic format of a blog post where users can interact with the author by posting comments or reactions(likes, bookmarks and unicorn). Posts are also used for discussion threads, a place to host tech content in other media formats, like videos or podcasts. uses a markdown editor that uses Jekyll front matter to compose posts. You can read more on the particular formats used on the Editor's Guide Page. You can attach various tags on your posts to help with searches. You can also click on a tag and view all the posts that belong to it!

You can also use RSS feeds to cross-post, allowing people with their own personal blogs and organizations with their own platforms to make new posts on multiple platforms like Medium.

Podcasts Podcasts Page also features a host of cool tech podcasts different topics periodically so you can always find something that interests you. You can also make suggestion on podcasts to be added to the selection.

Videos Community Videos also has a age dedicated to videos uploaded by their community members. These videos are often accompanied by a post meaning that creators can combine multiple media types when making technical content. Videos help augment the user experience. People can follow along with the practical demonstrations which is pretty helpful when creating tutorials for beginners.

Listings Listings Page

The Listings page features multiple entries organized based on different categories. You can see new events, job listings, offers for mentor-ship, new courses and so much more.

Forem Shop Merch Shop

There is also a bunch of Dev Community Swag available on its Forem Shop. It is a great way to support the platform and to show you are a part of its great Dev community.


Read more about and its features here.

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