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Best Top 3 Programming Fonts

Hello guys 👋 Hope you are fine 😊

So On Top of the list the font comes is - Operator Mono

1. Operator Mono ( Premium )

This font is so cool and beautiful but its a little expensive. This font is one of my favourite font

The font looks like this


As you see it is looking so cool and clean 😊

Link To Download -

2. Fira Code ( Free )

Fira Code is a free monospaced font containing ligatures for common programming multi-character combinations.

It looks pretty too here it is 👇


Link To Download -

3. Cascadia Code ( FREE from Microsoft )

This font is also cool it is similiar to Fira code and also has Ligatures which are just amazing

Here is a quick look


Link to Download -

Cool right ? 🔥

Hope you enjoyed Reading This Blog 😊

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CoderZ90 Author

Hope you are safe During This pandemic time 😀 and Happy from what you are doing. Thankyou! for giving your time and patience for reading this Blog 😊. I Really appreciate that 💖

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