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Update #1 on Learning in Public

Hello everyone,

It's been 2 weeks since I launched my [Learning in Public] Roam Research graph.

As I wrote in the initial blog post, the goal of the graph is to start documenting my learnings in a manner that is usable by others. Moreover, I hope that this graph will result in a multiplayer learning experiment. That means that multiple people will log their learnings on the graph and enrich the various Locations of Knowledge.

After running with this for 2 weeks, here are a couple of learnings

New Locations of Knowledge

You can find all the Locations of Knowledge on the Roam Research Graph


  • Baseline architecture for an oracle
  • What is a library?
  • What is the delete keyword
  • Fallback Functions
  • What is delegatecall()
  • How to force ether into a contract
  • Security implications for
    • Interfaces
    • transfer(), send()

Solidity has been going great, having finished CryptoZombies and investing considerable time into Ethernaut.

As you will see, the new additions are vastly more advanced concepts than the first iteration of the Location of Knowledge for Solidity

Mechanism Design

I am happy to share with you all the I started a new course for Mechanism Design. Notes from the 2 first lectures have been added in the Graph.

Mechanism Design is hugely relevant to blockchains, since it's about designing systems that achieve a certain goal in the presence of strategic players.

It's a science that compliments psychology, computer science and game theory. As you can see, with blockchains having an intrinsic economic part, being able to create systems that align the interests of different players is challenging.

A very good example of good mechanism design is MakerDAO. The good design stems from the fact that the system has been able to work for all these years, providing both lending services and a stablecoin that is fully transparent. In it's very essence, the stability is due to good mechanism design and not obscure storage of dollar equivalents


I have started learning more about DeFi, thus a couple of interesting insights have been already logged into the Graph.

  • What is MakerDao
  • What is Uniswap
  • How AMM work?
  • What is slippage?

This is a first pass and I will enrich the content as I read more about them.


Minor changes have been implemented in the personal pages.

There are 2 new categories, one to log the Open Questions that the person has while taking fleeting notes. Another to keep track of videos that are relevant to a fleeting note and the person wants to view them alter.

I consider to re-evaluate the system on a monthly basis.

Want to engage?

Take a look inside the graph. If it's interesting to you, drop into Discord and let's have a chat!


See you in 2 weeks :)

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