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How do you keep your motivation?

Crazy about business with tech
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Hey, everyone, I have a question about a challenge I've been having for a while. How do you find the motivation to learn some new tech knowing that you are about to put in hours but you know there is absolutely no plane to monetize it?

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C. Pure

I like to think of it in terms of art. Sometimes I just draw or make something because I enjoy the process of making art. I love the idea that if I practice I will get better. I think the same can be said for coding. It’s more of the process of learning and the prospect of that maybe being a stepping stone for something else later down the line. The end result is not always money but just a jump in your development. May I ask what you’re about to learn?

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Octavian Author

AI Predictive Modelling/Blockchain but also more front end tech as well.